Gatti Calanda has 5 kittens born April 10, 2019. . .

Sire: San Fe Nelson of El Shuringa
Dam: Jerba Nicol's Three Kisses


Momma Kissy with her newborns . . .

Cuddled together!

Growing Together!

The Girls

Individual Kitten Photos

Foxy Lady of Gatti Calanda

Calico Female Exotic Shorthair

Fantasia (Fanny) of Gatti Calanda

Calico Female Exotic Shorthair

Finny Flintstone of Gatti Calanda

Blue Tabby & White Male Persian

Frankie of Gatti Calanda

Brown Tabby & White Male Exotic

Figaro of Gatti Calanda

Blue & White Male Exotic

To inquiry about a future kitten please contact us by email at

Please note our following recommendations:
(Bitte beachten Sie unsere nachfolgenden Empfehlungen)
  • Our kittens go to their new homes fully vaccinated, dewormed, & microchipped after they are 12–14 weeks old.
  • We want to be sure that every kitten suits their new family and their lifestyle.
  • We like to place our pet kittens in homes where they will have another animal companion — so we prefer to sell a kitten to a home that already has a cat or dog as a member of the family — or alternately, to place two of our kittens together in their new home.
  • We do not resell adults cats for breeding purposes. When our cats are retired from our breeding program we place them in a forever pet home.
  • We sell breeding cats only to PKD tested negative catteries.
  • We do not sell to catteries that keep their cats in cages.
  • If you are interested in one of our kittens, please send us an email telling us a bit about yourself, about your home life, how you keep your cats and what you are looking for in a kitten.

For serious inquiries please contact us by email at

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Past Litters of Gatti Calanda

Would you like to see the kittens from our past litters?
Click on the Litter link to see our wonderful babies from the years past!

Kittens of 2017

Kittens of 2016

Kittens of 2015

Kittens of 2014


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