3 Kittens Born October 15, 2020

(Red Silver Spotted Tabby Exotic Shorthair)
Dam: Francey of Gatti Calanda

                  • 1 Silver Tabby Male
                  • 1 Silver Tabby Female
                  • 1 Silver Patched Tabby Female

New momma Francey

It's 1 boy and 2 girls!

The threesome at 5 weeks of age.

Gino of Gatti Calanda

Silver Tabby Male SH Exotic


Gino loves to eat his plate OF FOOD -- and other kittens' plates TOO.



Georgia of Gatti Calanda

Silver Tabby Female SH Exotic


Georgia is a cute kitty with a ton of personality.

Pictured at 2 months pf age.

Georgia loves to play!

Gisèle Mila of Gatti Calanda

Silver Patched Tabby Female SH Exotic


Mila is bossy boots and is very curious about everything happening. She is a climber and has managed already to explore outside of her "kitten" area. She is our official Discoverer-in-Chief.


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