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About Gatti Calanda


Gatti Calanda is a small Persian & Exotic cattery located in the Swiss countryside, close to Zürich, Switzerland. Our cattery is registered with FFH (Fédération Féline Helvétique) and CFA (Cat Fancier's Association) and TICA (The International Cat Association).

Our Cattery Name


Calanda is the name of a mountain in the eastern Swiss Alps not far from Chur, the town where my husband grew up.

Calanda is a rarity in Switzerland — a wild and rugged area full of deer, goats, eagles and a pack of reintroduced wolves.  If ever the lynx returned to Switzerland, it would live in Calanda. When it came time for us to choose our cattery name it seemed perfect to honor this beautiful area.  Gatti Calanda translated means “The cats from the Calanda mountain area”.

Our Kitties


Our adult cats are from a long line of DNA tested PKD negative cats from Shootingstar, El Shuringa, AOL and Jerba Nicol catteries. Our cats are very affectionate and sociable. They are part of our family and are raised and live freely in our home and netted garden.

Tamy enjoys a quiet stroll around our enclosed garden . . .

Our winter home in Pontresina, Switzerland at sunset . . .

Anne-Louise and Kurt Köhl, Christmas 2019

The Cats of Gatti Calanda were featured in
the December 2020 issue of the Swiss magazine, Tierwelt!

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Anne-Louise and Kurt Köhl


Beulweg 30
8853 Lachen

Telephone: +41 79 442 76 93


We speak English, German & French

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