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Jerba Nicol's Churro

Brown Spotted Tabby & White Male Exotic

Sire: CH Gargamelcat Bonita of Jerba Nicol
Dam: Arcobaleno Flipper of Jerba Nicol

More Photos Of Churro

Churro is a clown. He has a ton of energy and playful antics.  He runs at top speed through the garden, performing somersaults and roll overs! Trees are also not an issue — he climbs up and down and away we go!  Another Energy bunny to go along with our Ebony makes for a lot of high activity in the cattery!

Jerba Nicol's Full Focus

Cream Spotted Tabby & White Male Exotic

Sire: CH Jerba Nicol's Armin Van Buuren
Dam: Jerba Nicol's Baby Bugaboo

More Photos Of Full Focus

Rémy is a curious George — he loves anything that moves. He sticks his nose into everything — mops, brooms, vacs — he loves them all. More interesting are the multiple birds in garden. Like, Churro, he flies up and down trees without a hesitation!  He just loves to play! A really lovely boy . . .


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